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Belle de Crécy is a Parisian lingerie house founded in 2020. Bérangère —its designer— rethinks exceptional lingerie by drawing inspiration from her experience as a costume designer for the Paris Opera combined with her desire to erase boundaries between clothing and lingerie. The visual identity expresses elegance with a custom logotype and the use of white space, as well as technical knowledge through type arrangement. The photo shoot for the debut collection, “Héroïnes,” was inspired by the drama of a stage premiere, capturing the lingerie worn by woman expressing their freedom on a wild countryside background.

| Credits | Creative Direction: Victoire Coyon and Adrien Menard / Coding: Julien Privat / Photography: Pascale Arnauld / Illustration: Magali Brueder / Stylist: Marie Gibert / Makeup: Yvane Rocher / Hair: Scott Ma / Copywriting: Marine Gauthier