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The Hotel & Spa Napoléon, nestled in the heart of Fontainebleau, offers a luxurious retreat combining historical elegance with modern amenities. collaborated closely with the hotel to develop a distinctive visual identity, creating a bespoke typeface named Didot Napoleon. Influenced by the French Napoleonic civil code, this typeface presents a modern twist on Firmin Didot’s creation with a unique monospace perspective. Additionally, we designed a custom logotype for Empreinte, the hotel's gourmet restaurant, in a script style, complemented by a hand-drawn violet flower symbolizing the Napoleonic era. The hotel's signage, featuring handwritten arrows, provides a charming contrast to the serif typeface, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

| Credits | Creative Direction: Victoire Coyon and Adrien Menard / Photography: Victoire Coyon