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Performative Politics is a group exhibition initiated by Christopher AI-Jumah. At its core, this show is about political activism in the age of social media. Happening after the BLM movement of Summer 2020, the project includes essays, photo work, art, and interviews. Concept and design of the exhibition and catalog respond to a purposefully limited system. The exhibition title and selected quotes are treated as advertising slogans. Period symbols across the space and catalog are replaced by black squares, resulting in an intense repetition of heavily represented silences. A simple 16"×20" clip frame is used as modular element to display pictures and text, forcing decomposition of the photography. This project was on exhibition from September 21st to October 7th, 2021 at 155 Lafayette street in Manhattan.

| Credits | Exhibition Curator and Editor-in-Chief: Christopher Al-Jumah / Exhibition Design + Book Besign: Victoire Coyon and Adrien Menard / Copywriter: Osman Can Yerebakan and Natalie Posey / Printing and Binding: Linco Printing / Photography: Sean Davidson